TongFengflex manufactures unique tubing that is relied on in numerous industries. The tubing is produced by helical coiling of a cold-rolled metal strip onto a spindle, with the helical coils being linked with each other by means of a special type of strip profile. Basic materials for the strip are stainless steel. However, other metals are also available.
Applications: Instrumentation tubing is used by manufacturers of various industries, such as Process & Control Instrumentation, Measuring & Controlling Devices, Analytical Instruments, Medical Instruments and many others with specific applications including temperature measuring, wiring conduit or armor cable and protective casing.
TongFeng tubing is made in two configurations, or constructions, commonly called SquareLok and InterLock, and is often abbreviated as TF-D and TF-S.
Technical Data: SquareLok Style (TF-D)SquareLock tubing is produced from a continuous metal strip, and is held in position by locking one leg of one profile over the leg of the adjacent profile.

ID: ø3.0 ~ ø102.0mm

OD: ø4.6 ~ ø110.0mm

OD with Coating: ø6.1 ~ ø 112.5mm.

Fully InterLock Style (TF-S) InterLock metal strip and the edges of the strip are completely interlocked with each other. This offers increased crush protection, and higher axial strength.

ID: ø4.0 ~ ø63.0mm

OD: ø6.0 ~ ø67.5mm

OD with Coating: ø7.0 ~ ø72.5mm

Examples from many of the markets and industries which TongFeng serves can be found on the following Application pages:

1.Lasers & Other Optical Fiber Applications

Optical fibers are sensitive to pressure and abrasion, and they are easily cracked if not protected properly. While optical fibers generally require some flexibility to function, too much flexibility will cause the delicate fibers to break. To maintain this balance between protection and flexibility, TongFeng has designed several types of conduit for the particular needs of fiber-optic applications.
2. Machine Tools & Industrial Machinery

This type of environment requires conduits with resistance to oils and chemicals that could adversely affect the process or cause maintenance issues. Any potential down-time can be costly, but TongFeng flexible metal conduits are up to the challenge.
Typical Applications:
CNC Machines
Wood-Working Machines
Metal-Working Machines
Welding Machines
Torque Transmission Applications

3.Rail & Subway Systems

TongFeng flexible metal conduits offer excellent protection for cable harnesses in public rail and subway systems, and are supplied to the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of public transportation systems in the world.

4. Automation, Sensors, Communications, & Instrumentation

Sensor and automation applications require total reliability over long periods of time with little maintenance. Conduits used in these repetitive and hostile environments must offer many types of protection, including: high product fatigue performance, abrasion protection, high flexibility, first-rate pullout strength, anti-static properties, etc.
5. Marine, Off-Shore, Mining & Petrochemical

Marine, mining & drilling applications work in some of the harshest operating environments to be found, and reliability is crucial. Applications installed in these environments must be able to deal with the potential damaging effects of wind, wave and salt-spray damage, and must usually do so in highly exposed areas. Temperature extremes and vibration are other factors which must be considered. No matter what the location, TongFeng conduits and tubing are up to the challenge.
Typical Applications:
Ship/Boat Engine Rooms
Shipyards & Docks
Cruisers & Leisure Boats
Marina Projects
Sea-going Vessels
Off-Shore Oil Rigs
Petrochemical Applications
Mining & Quarrying