electrical Stainless Steel flexible Conduit for cable protection

We offer Small Bore Strip Wound Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit For Sensors Cables
Flexible stainless steel conduit for electric wirings protections
Strip wound small ID flexible metallic conduit,hose for electrical wirings armoring
braided Small BORE Flexible stainless steel conduit,for automobile & industry wiring harness
Optical Fiber and sensors wirings protects Flexible metal conduit
Small bore Flexible metal conduit,for protection of instrument wirings
Small id Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit ( SL/FI )
Small bore instrumentation tubing flexible conduit flexible stainless steel conduit for electric wirings
* Stainless steel strip (square locked or interlocked), very flexible * Corrosion Resistant
* EMI Shielding *Most suitable for instrument wiring protections.
* ALL Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistant.
* Durable and long life.
* Designed for tight-spot installation and where continuous flexing is required
Suitable for use in Industrial environments. Protection for stainless tubes, sensor cords or electric cords. It is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits in applications such as sensors, electronic instruments and industrial control wirings.
Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit: Type SL/FI is an ultra-flexible, stainless steel conduit designed primarily for OEM applications. A typical application would be armouring in specialty sensing devices, or medical equipment, including fiber-optics.
TongFeng manufactures unique tubing that is relied on in numerous industries. The tubing is produced by helical coiling of a cold-rolled metal strip onto a spindle, with the helical coils being linked with each other by means of a special type of strip profile. Basic materials for the strip are stainless steel. However, other metals are also available.
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